It all started with the C.F.S.O., the crowning achievement of humanity in 2066. When national governments stopped seeking a future amongst the stars, pioneers looked elsewhere to further outworldly science. At first, it seemed that funding from the private sector was going to be a complete disaster, but when the Lunar Terrascopic Fusion Projector made it’s debut, the organization quickly learned by way of accident that corporations would pay handsomely to have their logos burned into the surface of nearby worlds. The new Corporate Funded Space Organization was a huge success.

That’s what brought the bugs.


Broken takes place in the year 2067, one year after the founding of the C.F.S.O., roughly 50 years in the future. Angered by the actions of humanity, an advanced race of insectoid aliens has descended upon the world, seeking to unmake reality and destroy civilization. As the hero, the player endeavors to stop the bugs from accomplishing their rage-induced goals, discovers advanced alien technology named VIRSHEN, and learns to use it against them. This technology allows our heroes to manipulate reality in very specific ways, allowing the hero to perform supernatural abilities to infiltrate the bugs’ invasion force and defeat their forces before it’s too late. There’s only one problem, the more they use the alien tech to activate abilities which mimic classic glitches in video games to give them an advantage, the more unstable reality becomes. The player will have to manage a unique resource- “Instability”– as they penetrate deeper and deeper into the bugs’ invasion force, the heroes encounter more and more instability in reality. As instability rises, they encounter ever stranger, and more bizarre situations and enemies.

Our heroes push the limits of reality to save humanity from destruction at the hands of the bugs. The strength of the fourth wall is tested, forcing the player and the hero to acknowledge each other.

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